Friends Who Inspire

Her Majesty Margo aka" Felting Queen"
When I think of felting Margo Duke immediately comes to mind. Margo, aka," Her Majesty", is hands down the queen of felting. She combines the most luscious colors of wool roving,silk,chiffon,and other textiles to create the most beautiful felted art I have ever seen. She has a magnificent eye for color and when you view her work you can't help but smile.
Margo encouraged me several years ago to try wet felting and it was such a fun process. She generously sent me some of her beautiful dyed supplies to play with. I felted the center of this purse.

I added machine stitching with metallic thread , sequins, and beads.
With inexpensive hand felting tools by Clover, anyone can felt with little or no experience.
Having a machine felter does make projects easier and faster to finish but they are not necessary.

Margo has published two books on felting and both are must haves for anyone interested in creating something of beauty.
You can find her books and beautiful snippet offerings on her blog.
Maureen Greeson
Maureen Greeson, aka Reen, not only is a magnificent crazy quilter but she freely shares patterns and tutorials on her blog, runs an online shop and writes for CQMagonline. If that weren't enough, she is as sweet as she can be without melting in the rain.

I had the privilege to exchange a piece of work with her several years ago. It is among my treasured items.
You can see more of Maureen's exquisite work in her online portfolio. You should perhaps pour a cup of tea first because you are in for a treat.
Lilla LeVine
Lilla is from New Zealand but resides in Hawaii and swims daily in a Lagoon near her home. Sounds like paradise to me and can you imagine the inspiring views, colors and textures that surround her? 

I met Lilla online several years ago . Before actually contacting her I had stumbled upon and admired her work very much and decided I must comment on how beautiful it was and how it really was the soft romantic look I loved. It wasn't common to find such a feminine view applied to fabric creations at that time. I used to fear contacting an artist thinking they might think I wanted something from them or wasn't sincere. Now when I see something that touches me I jot a note to the artist without a second thought because I know how a nice comment can really encourage you to continue creating and it warms the heart knowing someone really likes it enough to comment.
I found Lilla to be a real "lady" with almost a fairy/mermaid mix of fantasy magic flowing through her hands. She works with vintage laces,pretty fabrics and aged cottons, bits of this and that, silk ribbon, and fabric images to create useful items for home and gifts that are sure to please anyone. I wrote a little article on her in 2007 for CQMagonline.

We have been friends ever since and we partake in little "exchanges" each year which is so much fun. I have several pieces of her art and am drawn to hold and touch them often for inspiration.
Lilla has a blog and sells her beautiful and very affordable art in her etsy shop found here
Below are a few of her gifts I've received through the years.