Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teaching children CQ submit your story-call for entry

I love to teach children of any age the art of crazy quilting. Introducing children to needle and thread and fabric seems to be fading in this country while crazy quilting seems to be getting popular and recognized like never before. It isn't fair to the children to introduce them to toys, television and video games but not the needlecraft. Remember how creative you were as a child? Remember how your imagination took you places you could have never gone?
Lets show them that sewing and being artistic with fiber is far from "the good ole days" pictured here.Children love colors, texture and fun embellishments every bit as much as adults and they are not afraid to show it, so why not take some time to sit down in the garden or a cozy corner of your home and share crazy quilting with them. It provides many lessons such as basic sewing techniques, color and pattern play, building puzzles, and so much more. Boys and girls benefit and enjoy working with fiber so include both if you can.
If you have photos (300dpi) of teaching a child (children)to crazy quilt or embellish/embroidery, please submit them to Crazy Quilt Magazine before Oct 31st along with a description and feedback from the children to be published in the Winter issue of the magazine. All submissions will be entered to win a stash pack for each child in the winning entry. The winning child/children's photo will appear in the Spring issue. Lets encourage children to crazy quilt.


  1. Pat this is sooo true. One of my nicest memories is my children sitting next to me on the floor while I sewed, going through the buttons and sewing with them. They all made their own Barbie clothes.
    Blessings today

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  3. Pat, what a great idea. I have a 6 year old daughter and she would love to make herself "crazy" playing with blocks of fabric, needles and embellishments. We are in! Thank you for offering this fun idea! Natalia