Saturday, October 30, 2010

New tutorial

I've added a new tutorial on attaching a clasp to a neck purse on the tutorial page.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Favorite Stash Sources

I will be adding to this post as time permits.......pull up a chair and browse if you please.
Although I may not want to admit it to my better half, this Crazy Quilter has/needs several stash sources. I would like to share mine with you. I have found the following sources to be dependable, efficient , helpful and most of all, friendly.
I love their 3mm and 4mm sequins for their small size. They can b
e added to fabric by stitching through the center hole three times or by using a bead to secure it. I use the latter method. I
adore their flower sequins in all sizes. They add great detail meandering through silk ribbon embroidered bouquets and swags. They work beautifully as the center of a silk ribbon flower attached with a petite bead. You will find their shell beads in all of my underwater scenes.
The two women who take the orders, pack and ship, are incredibly sweet and very helpful with
any questions. This type of business with such fine ethics is one I freely share with my closest friends.
I find the majority of my beads during outings and shows. I must see and feel pretty things to determine if they come home with me. I use all types of glass beads and some acrylic leaf and flower beads. I would suggest starting out with three shades and sizes of seed beads in your favorite colors then build from there. Acquiring a few different green leaf beads and assorted flower beads will give you a nice variety to play with. Don't forget the pearls. These can be creamy white or colors in various sizes. They make pretty necklaces and bracelets when embellishing women fabric images. One sewn on each ear lobe makes pretty pearl earrings.

Blue Stem Beads in Porter Indiana......seed beads and flower/leaf beads
Trade-wind Beads in Watervliet Michigan.....huge selection of everything bead vendors online sell their overstock of beads for a very good price.

My favorite sources for finding lace are antique malls. I prefer vintage lace in great condition for my crazy quilt projects however the well worn pieces are great for felted projects and smaller projects such as pendants and brooches.
There are several sellers on and They dye laces and offer "as is" selections. All very good for CQ. Don't forget eBay! That was m
y first source online when I started hunting online. The choices are more pricey now and not as nice but there are still beautiful pieces out there to be found.

Thrift shops and tag sales are great places to find old laces or newer pretty laces on clothing. Sometimes you can salvage the fabrics for your projects too. Otherwise pass it on to someone who could use it if possible.